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Management Services

Praeses’ food service management includes the day-to-day management, consulting and ongoing vendor compliance oversight. We work alongside your staff and help you save time by:

  • Assisting in advancing our clients’ entire food services environment by identifying and advising on new approaches and progressive strategies relative to the correctional food services industry.
  • Providing a single point of contact for all food services needs and/or issues.  This individual works directly with our clients and their facilities to proactively manage and coordinate a variety of day-to-day processes (implementation, equipment repairs, food orders/delivery, meal service, quality control and validation, etc.). These proactive management services allow Praeses to make recommendations on how to minimize costs and improve performance processes across all of its clients’ facilities.
  • Maintaining an accurate inventory of the equipment, food orders/delivery and vendor staffing of the food services, to ensure vendor maintains contractual compliance.
  • Keeping the client well-informed of related food services processes and industry trends so that the client is aware of any available cost savings opportunities and service enhancement options.
  • Developing and implementing notifications/communications to the inmates for its clients’ food services.
  • Implementing efficient processes to streamline the management of the day-to-day activities associated with food services.  Praeses coordinates with its clients and their vendors for all food services activities.
  • Implementing oversight and monitoring processes to ensure the quality of the food continues to meet and exceed the clients’ requirements and standards.

Our objective is to relieve you and your staff of the administrative burden associated with your food services vendor(s).

Contact one of our management specialists to find out more about our services and how we can start helping you TODAY! 

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